Newspaper Nails!

This week’s nail design is simple and easy, but will catch a lot of attention. Newspaper nails is a different tend that is sweeping the nation.  Within minutes, you will be able to master this design that will get you compliments left and right.


The newspaper article I used was about the cruise ship that malfunctioned off the coast of Alabama.  Here I have linked the CNN website with videos, pictures and articles about the disaster.  With all the malfunctions on cruis ships lately, I’m growing a fear of sailing on the ocean.  You never know when something might go wrong!


Now back to the nails.  Here is the procedure:

  1. Paint a white nail polish over each of your nails.
  2. Let that dry completely.
  3. Get a small conatiner of rubbing alcohol and a section of your newspaper.
  4. Soak your nail in the alcohol for a few seconds then place the newspaper over top.
  5. Press down on the newspaper and let it sit for a minute or two.
  6. Carefully peel the newspaper off, and you should be left with a transfer of the newspaper on your nails!


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